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Title: Belonging: A German Reckons with History and Home
Authors: Nora Krug
Abstract: After twelve years in the US, Krug realizes that living abroad has only intensified her need to ask the questions she didn�t dare to as a child. Returning to Germany, she visits archives, conducts research, and interviews family members, uncovering in the process the stories of her maternal grandfather, a driving teacher in Karlsruhe during the war, and her father�s brother Franz-Karl, who died as a teenage SS soldier. In this extraordinary quest, �Krug erases the boundaries between comics, scrapbooking, and collage as she endeavors to make sense of 20th-century history, the Holocaust, her German heritage, and her family's place in it all� (The Boston Globe). A highly inventive, �thoughtful, engrossing� (Minneapolis Star-Tribune) graphic memoir,�Belonging��packs the power of Alison Bechdel�s�Fun Home�and David Small�s�Stitches� (
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